OnePlus Launcher Latest Version 3.0.2 APK Download

Android is the top majority system for smartphone. Many vendors and manufacturers release their phone with different design and launcher. You can change the basic launcher with OnePlus launcher latest APK 3.0.2 (10002). It has feature to modify wallpaper, icons, and app arrangement. This app is very lightweight to keep your device at high capability. Keep in mind that developer may introduces this launcher for smartphone on their production. However, other phones are capable to have it. As long as the phone specs are compatible, you do not have to worry about changing home screen with this app.

OnePlus Launcher is designed for android user to experience speed, stability and customizability. With this app, users can now easily customize and tailor their home screen as per their needs.

Main features:

Few of the main features of this app are as follows.

Organize you phone in Shelf:

Shelf is a personal fully customization hub for the app. Now you can pick from various hand features. For example choose the latest weather reports, memos and contacts. To gain easy access, choose the widgets of your liking.

Secret Gestures:

In addition to the five customization gestures off-screen, app. also contains few secret on-screen gestures. These gestures allow you to have quick access to notifications and functions you desire. You can discover these secret gestures by swiping up and down on screen.

Customize the icons:

OnePlus Launcher comes with a wide variety of icon packs. You can view these icon packs from the Panel option. Single click on the icon of your choice will apply it to your all icons. You can also get thousand more of these icon packs from the Google Play Store.

Launcher is the app with capability to customize home screen and entire appearance on Android. As you know, Android is open source and every vendor has the right to develop different launcher. You can check one phone to other. Their launcher or appearances are different, but the apps and other phone features are similar. Launcher only has capability to change the appearance such as wallpaper, organize icons, and some color modification.

OnePlus launcher for Android is different from others due to some properties. It gives stability, speed, and customizability. You can change home screen to suit your preference. It gives intuitive option to modify. When you are done, check again to make sure your choice is compatible and suitable. Moreover, preview is feature to show customization before ready to apply on home screen.

In addition, this app has feature called Shelf. You can modify widget, such as memo, weather, and recent contact. Normally, you access contact log to know every record regarding contact or phone call. In Shelf, you can put any information from recent contact into one box. This is similar to other category, such as recent app. instead of open app regularly; your most recent app will appear on home screen via Shelf. One interesting feature is icon. You get standard and normal icon when using the basic launcher. In OnePlus, the icon can be modified with some packs.


  • It is simple, easy, and lightweight app.
  • It provides more features.


  1. The app is not quite good for the latest Android version.

How to use the App

This launcher will replace your old one automatically. To customize the appearance, hold your screen until setting menu appears. You can change wallpaper by choosing default or from your own gallery. After choosing picture or photo for wallpaper, you see the preview. Check again whether the picture is good at your home screen or not. After that, the setting is done. Use icon pack to change original icons into more various designs.

You may download for more packs when the default packs are not enough. Then, the icons will change automatically. As mentioned above, this app has feature called Shelf. You can organize items, icons, and apps into the same category. Most common groups are recent, contact, and setting. Create your own category then add the apps related to this one. As usual, it also lets user to customize the widget. Just use tap, hold, and drag menu to add the new one. In general, this app looks similar to other launcher, but it’s more lightweight and the features are varied.


  • Adopt Android P
  • Brand new UI style
  • General bug fixes

OnePlus Launcher is the official launcher that’s set as a default in all the company’s devices. It lets you customize you smartphone’s look in a really intuitive way by easily creating folders, inserting widgets or changing the icon bundles. Also, before applying any change you can pre-view what the modifications would look like. If you don’t like them, you can undo them. 

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